April 20, 2024


Simply Consistent

The Nature of Application Code

“On average, a web application or a website is running 66 different external JavaScript components,” says Rui Ribeiro, founder and CEO of Jscrambler, a company that monitors and obfuscates JavaScript code.

Ribeiro says we use a lot of third-party code – mostly JavaScript – when we build mobile and web applications, and the third parties often can access data in other parts of the application, creating security risks.

In this episode of “Cybersecurity Unplugged,” Ribeiro discusses:

  • How Jscrambler monitors for “malicious behavior” in web application code and stops it;
  • What polymorphic obfuscation is and how it can deter attackers;
  • How to use third-party code and still have a high degree of security.

Ribeiro is from Lisbon, Portugal, and specializes in code security. Having led Jscrambler since 2014 from a pure bootstrapped operation to a growing business, he continues to serve thousands of customers plus the Fortune 500.