October 4, 2023


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Three Inventions by Mexican Engineers that Changed History

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Mexico is a country full of talent. Mexican painters, writers, lawyers, and engineers have impacted the world with incredible skill and outstanding contributions. So, today you will learn about the inventions of Mexican engineers that have changed the history of humanity. Here are some of the most amazing creations that have transformed society internationally.

1. Color television 

Television industry is one of the largest in the world, informing and entertaining millions of people every second. It’s hence no wonder that the change from black and white to color images significantly impacted the television market. This was possible thanks to an invention by a Mexican engineer, Guillermo González Camarena.

Today, color television can be enjoyed worldwide. Even though new technologies have recently emerged that allow you to obtain an even more excellent definition and fidelity of image, this Mexican innovator showed the world that the transmission and projection of color images were possible.

From his childhood, Camarena had a great interest in the electrical behavior of things, and in 1932, his passion led him to build his first television with broken radio pieces.

After a lengthy investigation and a lot of work, he managed to get the pieces with which he thought he could produce a color television, and he did. In 1940, he patented his “Field Sequential Trichromatic System”, and in 1945, the first color transmissions were made at the Alameda Cinema.

2. Indelible ink

Different substances and materials have benefited great inventions throughout the history of industrial engineering, this was the case of indelible ink. This substance is mainly used in the electoral process to ensure that it is as fair and orderly as possible. When a citizen makes his vote, his fingers are marked with this liquid, thus preventing him from voting again.

Created by Filiberto Vázquez Dávila, this invention has not only played an essential role in national elections but has transcended to many other countries and has promoted democracy and equality around the globe.

3. GNOME System

The most famous computer operating systems are Windows, iOS, and Linux. Still, thanks to the Mexican engineers Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena, it is possible to say that there are also some proudly Mexican products in the software industry.

GNOME is a software package designed to interact graphically and intuitively with your computer’s operating system. This system is available in more than 160 languages and is intuitive enough to help the user work more quickly.

Its most important feature is that it is designed as free software, which means that it is possible to make improvements or adaptations to it; users can create their own experience, much more personally and efficiently, with the aid of many tools and applications.

This means that you will find word processors, spreadsheets, messaging programs, programming tools, games, and many other features to maximize the possibilities of using your computer.

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