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Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO – How to Avoid

How to Avoid 10 Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO

Consider this: a lot of effort went into creating your site. You’ve chosen an eye-catching theme, adorned it with amazing photos, and penned an engaging piece of writing. It’s a solid bet that visitors will enjoy it (and you, of course).

The only issue? No one is visiting your site. There isn’t a single link to your website on Google’s first page (or any subsequent pages).

We need to know what is going on here. There is, however, a catch. Your website’s design may be to blame for its low search engine results. Is it time for a change in direction?

Ten common website design blunders that can harm your SEO and your rankings are discussed here, along with tips on how to handle them.

Site navigation that is difficult to navigate

Visiting a website and not knowing what to do next can be a frustrating experience. Perhaps you’ve seen …