June 17, 2024


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3 Popular Enterprise Application Development Platform Framework

Top 10 Best Cross Platform App Development Frameworks

Thousands of enterprise application development platform framework frameworks are working behind the scenes of such intriguing applications to give you the greatest user experience possible. The mobile app development market is estimated to reach $100 billion by 2022, increasing at a CAGR 14 % annual pace.

Let’s look at few of the most popular mobile app development arrangements that make developing apps a breeze:


Xamarin began as an independent cross-app development framework in 2011 but was later acquired by Microsoft in 2016, giving it greater legitimacy.

It’s an accessible framework that was created to address the issue of disconnected native technology stacks, which made developing mobile apps expensive and difficult.

Pros of Xamarin:

·         Over 60,000 contributors from over 3,700 enterprises make up the Xamarin community.

·         Xamarin helps in sharing more than 75% of your software across platforms, allowing you to “write once, run anywhere.”

·         For speedier development, Xamarin uses a single technology stack.

React Native:

Facebook launched React Native in 2015, and it sparked a hybrid frameworks boom. React has quickly become one of the most popular cross-platform app frameworks within a few years after its first release (and the most trending framework amongst the five cross-platform app frameworks discussed in the blog).

Pros of React Native:

 ·         Depending on the complexity of the programme, up to 80% of the codebase can be shared between platforms. The development process is considerably accelerated by code reuse.

·         Reactive allows for immediate previewing of results and provides ready-to-use elements, significantly reducing development time.


How did Google Flutter get mentioned in this list of cross-platform app frameworks if it was announced in February 2018 at Mobile World Congress and launched its first version on December 5th, 2018?

Keep in mind that Flutter is a cross-platform app framework retained by Google, the same company that created the Android Native Framework.

Pros of Flutter

·         The “Hot reloading” functionality allows programmers to see application code in seconds rather than minutes.

·         Flutter is an excellent platform for MVP development.

·         Flutter has a full set of widgets in Google’s Material Design and Apple’s style with the Cupertino pack, so a Flutter mobile app that looks native on both Android and iOS can be built today instead of spending extra money and time on two separate apps.

Final Verdict:

Cross-platform apps are useful because they reduce the need to create separate programmers for several platforms. A cross-platform app can run on multiple devices and systems. An enterprise application development platform framework is required to create this globally compatible software.

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