April 20, 2024


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5 Reasons to Try Selfies with the Vivo V17 Pro

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The rise of selfie trends in the community encourages Vivo to continue to innovate on the front camera (selfie camera). Carrying a variety of innovative features aimed at meeting the needs of active young consumers, Vivo through its latest flagship series Vivo V17 Pro Price is a pioneer in presenting the world’s first Dual Pop-Up Selfie Camera innovation.

The Dual Pop-Up Selfie Camera on the vivo V17 Pro comes with a combination of a 32MP resolution lens on the main camera and an 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera with 105 degrees coverage to capture a wider range of photo objects and is suitable for users who want to take pictures with friends.

In addition to the Super Wide-Angle Camera, here are some features on the Vivo V17 Pro Dual Pop-Up Selfie Camera to support users in presenting a new selfie experience.

1. Selfie Soft Light Adjusts Exposure Appropriately

Excessive lighting problems due to flashes that are too bright or dark, often make the user’s face look too bright and the photo results are unsatisfactory. The Selfie Soft Light feature on the Dual Pop-Up Selfie Camera will automatically adjust the incoming exposure. Users will get light on the right selfie because this feature prevents over lighting or under lighting on the results of the photo.

2. Maximize Selfies in Low Light through Super Night Selfie

To support user photos in low lighting conditions or at night, Vivo V17 Pro embeds Super Night Selfie. This feature brings better focus and clarity to photos in low light or at night, perfect for users who often capture their selfie moments at music concerts or night views.

3. Become Selfie Master with Pose Master Feature

Goodbye to dying of style. The latest innovation in the Pose Master feature is here to support users who want to have a selfie experience with a variety of styles. This feature offers hundreds of diverse and natural poses to guide users to take selfies, two or a group in various situations.

4. AI Beauty for Photo Beauty Lovers

The 32MP Dual Pop-Up Selfie Camera on the front camera not only produces quality selfies, but also enhances user photos with various Artificial Intelligence (AI) -based features such as AI Face Beauty which gives maximum results on user selfies, AI Selfie Lightning, AR Sticker and AI Filter. In addition there is AI Body Shaping, a new feature that will adjust the user’s body proportions to make the body look more proportional from head to toe.

5. V17 Pro Pop-Up Camera Durability

For users who ask about the durability of the Dual Pop-Up Selfie Camera, the technology in the Vivo V17 Pro can last up to 10 years with an estimated use of approximately 10 times a day, which can withstand loads of up to 40kg.

In addition, Vivo also embeds auto retraction technology, which is equipped with three types of sensors. The first is the force sensor, where if the camera detects pressure, the camera will close automatically. Then there is the gravity sensor, where the camera will close automatically when the user accidentally drops the smartphone. There is also a light sensor where the pop-up system will close automatically when the device is in a light-free condition, such as in a pants pocket or in a bag.