June 21, 2024


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5 steps to build an audience for your business social media profiles

5 Steps for Marketing Your Business on Social Media - Marketing Insider  Group

Small business owners and entrepreneurs need to focus their energy on building and connecting with their audience. This is crucial as social media presence is very important and can make or break a company.

It is evident that all successful companies invest in social media marketing – attempting with all their force to understand their audience and connect with them in such a way that will lead towards increased sales.

According to market authority Aleph Website, there is a 5-step system to build and connect with an audience successfully. In their full article they outline each step and what it means exactly. 

To read the full article: How to Build An Audience Online In 5 SIMPLE Steps

1. Create all social media profiles you can

Be present everywhere. You don’t need to build an audience everywhere, but you need to have a profile at least. 

It takes 2 minutes to setup your profile on each social media platform. Do it. This is important also because it helps build online links towards your website and that tells the search engine that you’re present everywhere.

2. Engage with your audience

Choose One or Two social media profiles that you want to focus your energy on.

Here invest your time and effort to build a meaningful relationship by engaging with your audience.

In the beginning your audience is small, and you can quickly write to them and ask questions. Simple ones, such as “what did you like about my posts?”

This type of feedback is invaluable as it will help you understand what your brand is attracting and how.

3. Commend

Make sure to reward and compliment the audience members. This helps them feel like they made the right choice to join your network and follow you. Ultimately this will give you more engagement back from them. But also, loyalty in the long run.

4. Entertain your audience

It’s all about maintaining their attention! Once they are part of your network, make sure to give them material that they enjoy. It is not always about education, sometimes it is about art and pleasure. Content should be diverse, NEVER BORING!

5. Maintain your audience

At this stage you’ve already amassed a large audience. However, this should not be the end of the journey. Now it is time to get feedback about the product. Learn more about their specific preferences. Listen to their comments and demands, and deliver to make sure they get that which they expect.

Aleph Website build websites and social media profiles so you can build and connect your audience

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