March 1, 2024


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5 Top Benefits of Having a Magnetic Screen Door

Homeowners with busy lives are always looking for a way to make life more convenient. One simple way to do that (that comes with easy installation) is by adding a magnetic screen door to high-traffic entryways. Magnetic screen doors offer plenty of convenience for families and if you’re considering installing one, read on for some of the top benefits you can enjoy. 

1. Entertaining is a Breeze

If you love outdoor entertaining, whether you have a simple fire pit with Adirondack chairs or an elaborate outdoor kitchen, you likely know the roadblock that comes with moving in and out of the house with ease. Having to fumble with a door knob as you carry plates of food or raw meat ready to cook, trying to open a door is a tricky endeavor.

Installing a magnetic screen on whichever door you use to get to your entertaining space will make entering and exiting much easier. The magnets allow the screen to close behind you so you don’t have to worry about leaving a door open and you can easily open it no matter what type of load you are carrying to your guests. 

2. Convenient for Families with Children or Pets 

If you have children or pets (or both) in your family, you know the need they have for going outdoors to play, exercise, and (in the case of pets) take care of much-needed business. Kids are often forgetful and sometimes careless, which means they could easily forget to close an exterior door or not close it all the way. A magnetic screen door does the work for them so you don’t have to check behind them to make sure doors are closed to prevent bugs from entering the home. 

Much more convenient than a doggy door, magnetic screens allow any pet to go outside to take care of business without bothering you. You don’t need to look up from your desk or whatever home project you are working on to take your pet outside. They can easily move through the magnetic screen door and it will safely shut behind them to offer you peace of mind. 

3. Safely Lets in Fresh Air

On days when the sun is shining and the temperature is comfortable, it’s tempting to want to let all that natural goodness into your home. Without a safe way to do that, you miss out on enjoying that fresh air. The alternative is leaving the doors open and letting bugs and pests sneak their way inside. No one wants to deal with a home infestation (and the cost that comes along with it). A magnetic screen door affords you the ease of leaving the doors open to let fresh air inside without worry. 

4. Brightens the Home with Natural Light

Similar to wanting fresh air in the home, there’s something really special and peaceful about letting natural light into a home. Some homes have front doors that face a direction that offers beautiful natural light, but without an appropriate way to leave the door open, it cannot be enjoyed. A magnetic screen on doors that obstruct natural light allows homeowners to throw the doors open and let that light in. It is an instant mood lifter. 

5. Simplifies a Step in Home Renovation Projects

Completing home renovation projects takes a great deal of work and DIYers will welcome any simplified steps to make the process easier. With many home renovations, there is work to be done outside for items that will be inside the home, such as painting or building furniture. Having a way to go back into the home easily when covered with paint or sawdust can help cut down on messes, which adds a whole new task to your to-do list. A magnetic screen door allows for ease to get inside without messes.

Some renovation projects involve loading material into the home and can take many trips back and forth from the car to load it inside. Reducing the steps of opening and closing the door with each entry and exit will reduce both time and stress. So, the first step before starting any home renovation project is to install a magnetic screen door.


There are so many things a homeowner has to stress about so when there is one stress that can be crossed off the list, it is welcome. A magnetic screen door will prove to be the best and easier home improvement project that will have homeowners wondering why they didn’t install one sooner.