May 23, 2024


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An Eye-Catching Covering Letter For Job Application – Cover Letter Tips to Make Your Packet Pop

It may feel unusual to back on the job market. You may be like many people who didn’t see it coming. With unemployment at 9.4% (whoa, it just ticked up again didn’t it?) you’ll find fourteen and a half million other folks jumping into the dwindling job pool. Your covering letter for job application can be a big help in times like these. In fact, It can open up new horizons for you. But it’s got to get opened first.

Read on to find a cover letter tips for making the recruiter open up your job application:

  • Always use live stamps on your covering letter for job application rather than post office indicia – the ink stamps the post office uses with the time, the date, and the cost. It’s outrageous but postal carriers have been known to screen junk mail to lighten their load. Postal workers are less liable to get rid of your hard written resume as advertising material if you put on a stamp. And it won’t look like a mass on the recruiter’s desk. The best cover letter is one that get’s there. That’s just two fewer places for your letter to bet screened out.
  • For a significant impression, use an ink imprint on the exterior of the covering letter for job application. If you want your package to get opened personally, purchase an ink pad and rubber stamp. Use FIRST CLASS MAIL, or IMPORTANT, or REQUESTED INFORMATION ENCLOSED.

And the best cover letter tips if you want a specific employer to see your letter.

  • Send your package through someone other than the post office. You have many alternatives that can add variety and cachet to your package – Federal Express, UPS, even a messenger service if the recruiter is really valuable. Then, ensure that the job application packet and resume you put  inside satisfies the promise of the distinctive mark you put on the outside.