June 19, 2024


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Apple Wins a ‘Project Titan’ Patent relating to an state-of-the-art Hazard Detection Sensor process for Motor vehicles


Yesterday Patently Apple posted a report titled “A Credible Report is professing that Resources have viewed Apple’s Future-Gen Auto Battery Know-how that is explained as ‘Radical.'” The report coated a new monocell battery engineering that could distinguish the Apple Automobile from their opponents. Our report even more noted that Apple’s function on their possible foreseeable future automobile is ongoing with virtually weekly revelations of new enhancements for autonomous and semi-autonomous autos. As soon as yet again, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office formally granted Apple yet another “Project Titan” patent that relates to a car or truck obtaining an state-of-the-art hazard detection sensor process crafted into equally the front and rear of a automobile.


Apple’s granted patent to start with materials the background of their patent so as to better understand what remedy Apple’s invention provides. Apple notes that highway autos use external ultrasonic sensors for impediment detection. These sensors offer a static acoustic detection subject to establish hurdles in the discipline of see of the ultrasonic sensor.


Conventionally, the defense zone afforded (the quantity within the area of perspective of the ultrasonic sensors and, therefore, the volume inside which hurdles may be detected) by the exterior ultrasonic sensors may perhaps lengthen from a automobile bumper outward to a couple meters and from a little bit underneath the bumper to a amount commonly about even with the tail lights or the bumper by itself.


A standard ultrasonic sensor that may well give this sort of a safety zone has a area of see that is conventionally 45.diploma. in the vertical aircraft and 75.degree. in the horizontal airplane.


These types of typical sensor arrangements, nonetheless, are limited in array and confined in vertical protection. Extending the array generally will come at the value of horizontal or vertical coverage.


Apple’s remedy addresses a sensor that consists of a housing supporting a very first ultrasonic transceiver positioned adjacent a second ultrasonic transceiver. The sensors may be positioned in a vertical or horizontal orientation (relative to the supposed mounted placement of the sensor).


Further sensors may be offered, as effectively, these as in a two.periods.two sensor array. Returning to the illustration sensor with a initially and a next transceiver, a waveform generator is coupled with the first ultrasonic transceiver and the second ultrasonic transceiver and configured to supply a waveform for driving the initial ultrasonic transceiver and the next ultrasonic transceiver.


Further, an echo detector is coupled with the to start with ultrasonic transceiver and the next ultrasonic transceiver.


More, the sensor includes a first controllable phase hold off element positioned to acquire the waveform from the waveform generator and present a phase delayed waveform to the initial ultrasonic waveform. It is also doable to offer a reference (no delay waveform) to the very first transceiver, and to differ the section hold off of the common waveform to the second ultrasonic transceiver.


Further more, the period delay may be sequenced to sweep or step the ultrasonic signal via an arc, which may perhaps be vertical, horizontal, or in any other case based on how the sensor is positioned and/or how the transducers are comparatively positioned and how waveform is delayed or state-of-the-art among the transducers.


Apple’s patent FIG. 4 below is a facet see of a automobile obtaining a hazard detection sensor at the front of the automobile and at the again of the vehicle and configured to detect objects in the front and rear, the hazard detection sensor at the front of the car or truck operating with both transceivers in section and the hazard detection sensor at the rear of the car or truck working with the transceivers 180.degree. out of phase, in 1 embodiment.


2 project titan patent figs 4  5 & 8


Apple’s patent FIG. 5 over is a facet check out of a car working with a hazard detection sensor at the front of the motor vehicle, the hazard detection sensor scanning by means of a vertical arc by sequencing the stage hold off concerning two transceivers to steer the scanning beam upwardly and downwardly, in one embodiment FIG. 8 is an case in point computing method that might implement several units and approaches of the presently disclosed technological innovation.


Evaluation Apple’s granted patent 10,871,555 for finer specifics.


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