June 20, 2024


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Application Cover Letter

Application Cover Letters are Written in Response to a Known Vacancy

These are 1) A letter in response to a known job vacancy, 2) a letter inquiring about possible vacancies and 3) a networking letter which asks for assistance with the job search. A letter of application is sent along with the resume which will provide additional information on the applicant’s skills and qualifications which are relevant to the applied job. The application letter provides the prospective employer a chance to take note of the specific skills, experience and achievements of the applicant. If well written this type of a letter can prompt the employer to form a good opinion of the applicant. It is a misconception of most applicants that cover letter of the application is not as important as the resume. This is incorrect and CL is in fact the first piece of writing from the applicant which the prospective employer will read.

The Application Cover Letter is as important as the resume itself. Since it lends to the first impression on the applicant, it is imperative that you write an effective application letter to make a good impression. This can be achieved by highlighting how your skills are equal to the desired skills which are needed to do the job. All cover letters have one goal in common, and that is to grab the reader’s attention and make the reviewer call the applicant in for an interview. How does one achieve this goal? There are few basic rules when it comes to writing a proper cover letter.

1. The resume has to be impressive as the CL claims it to be. This is important as the content e cover letter has to be matched by an excellent resume.
2. The format used for the cover letter will depend on the type of job applied for.
3. A good Application Cover Letter should not only address the applicant’s capabilities but should also align these with the job requirements mentioned in the advertisements.
4. Make your application letter unique. Most applicants will go online and download a sample of a cover letter and will not change any items in order to make it more personal. A cover letter which is not customized will not be an effective one.
5. The opening statement should be a strong one. Instead of putting the identifying position on the left hand corner of the letter you can centre and state it clearly.
6. The letter should convey to the reader that applicant is competent, courteous and confident.
7. Keep it short. The letter should not be more than four paragraphs. It should explain why you are interested in the job and why you think you are the person that is best suited for the job. Be positive and convey your enthusiasm for the job, and finally give information as to how you can be contacted for an interview.

In order to make the Application Cover Letter an effective one use positive and professional language. Avoid the use of clich├ęs and slang words but do not be too formal. Do not try to impress your employer by using unnecessary long words. Do not use the word “I” more than three or four times. Knowing information about the company or organization you are applying to will help to relay your skills and qualifications better. Proofread the letter to make sure there is no grammar or spelling errors.