April 20, 2024


Simply Consistent

Companies change amid plans for progress

From The Examiner through the week of Jan. 4-9, 1971:

• ‘29-OF-35 Companies DISPLACED BY UR Work ON Square RELOCATE HERE” – Out of 35 corporations displaced at this time in the Independence Square area by City Renewal, 29 of the companies have relocated in the metropolis, most in the Square region. The figures have been designed obtainable at the request of The Examiner by the workers of the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority. Relocation payments, direct federal subsidies to the displaced companies, totaled $154,684.12 as of Nov. 30. The relocations have taken put from January 1969 to the current.

An ad from a century ago this winter in The Independence Examiner.

Amid the 29 are Tremarco Company Station, previously Truman Road and Osage, now 23rd and Main Southard Cab, previously Osage and Truman, now Main and Walnut Herald Ebook Retailer, previously in Battery Making, now is Gaslight Square Middle on South Noland Highway and Jack’s Chili, was at 216 W. Lexington, moved to former Gibbons Cafe, 107 W. Lexington (constructing burned in fireplace early this year). Of the seven even now to be relocated, a few have definite websites, such as Diamond Bowl, now at 209 S. Spring, to be relocated at 216 N. Osage.