June 20, 2024


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Downloading an Enhanced Keyboard Program

You have created a program for an enhanced keyboard you now have to download it into the keyboard. A program should be provided to accomplish this.

Here are several features that the program needs:

  1. Check for coding errors
  2. Ability to switch to the editing program and back
  3. Work with different models of keyboards
  4. Emulate different languages
  5. Progress indicator

Before the program can download the program to the enhanced keyboard it needs to check for errors in the program. Some possible errors to check include all functions are properly coded with starting and ending indicators; keys numbers are correct; special control instructions for the keyboard are correct.

If error are found the ability to automatically switch to the editing program is a plus. Once the corrections are made saving the file and closing the editor will return control to the downloading program. This greatly simplifies the process of correcting errors.

Many manufacturers make different models of keyboards. Some models may have different number of keys. They may also make keyboards with different types of interfaces including USB, serial and keyboard wedge. The download program needs to be able to handle all possible combinations of enhanced keyboards the manufacture makes.

Many languages have keyboards especially designed for those languages. A quality enhanced keyboard can handle many different languages. Some characters can be peculiar to a language. This requires that the download program needs to accommodate the different keyboard types.

A download progress indicator is a nice feature. It allows the user to know that something is actually happening. Without some knowing of how the download is going a user may abort the download without some indication of the progress.

Loading the program is the final step in setting up in an enhanced keyboard. Using a good dedicated download program can greatly simplify this step. Visit http://www.pmkidder.com/enterpad to learn more about enhanced keyboards.