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Our country holds the distinction of being one of the two places in the world where divorce is not legal the other being the Vatican. That divorce is already part of our culture, as reflected in the practices of the indigenous peoples and the Muslim Filipino. Over the years, public opinion has shifted in favor of divorce. From 43% of Filipinos agreeing to it in 2005, it has now increased to 53%. Those who are against it declined to 32% from 45% in 2005. Annulment is the only solution to divorce in the Philippines. An annulment acts as if a marriage has never taken place. A marriage may be terminated in this fashion if the marriage does not meet all of the legal requirements. There are only a few options that are available to Filipinos when seeking an annulment. Unlike legal separation, it effectively severs the marital bonds and allows the divorced spouses to remarry. Unlike annulment of a marriage, it does not require that the solemnization of the marriage be suffering from any serious defect. Actually, the most common form of divorce is physical death [, Rom. 7:2-3]. When one partner dies, the surviving partner is divorced from them and free to remarry. We don’t often think of that as a divorce, but it is one type. It is not our aim to make a mockery of marriage or to debate the teaching of the Bible. the only option to end a marriage is annulment is the long tedious process that has been financially and emotionally draining for most of us. It is time to have Divorce law again in the Philippines, as it is appreciated to the charging times. it is not only the abused/aggrieved partner who is truly affected by lifelong, misery brought being dysfunctional families but also the children who suffer the most. That divorce promotes rather than contravenes public policies on the sanctity of family life, dignity of every human being, protection of the youth’s moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being, and the fundamental equality of men and women, as embodied in the Constitution That divorce does not destroy a family but merely provides relief for the victims of an already broken family by giving them hope and a genuine chance to be part of a real family. That divorce enables spouses of a failed marriage to avoid illicit relationships by allowing them to remarry; That divorce custody battles result from the spouses’ decision to live apart, with or without legal imprimatur; That divorce must have the proper safeguards, divorce cannot easily be abused.

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