Help! Slow Computer – Is There Any Help For My Aggravatingly Slow Computer?

A friend told me her computer was in her words, “aggravatingly slow.” I asked her the normal questions a technician asks in such a situation, like does she have a virus cleaner program installed on the computer, or does she have spyware protection. I also asked her if she installed any new programs lately. To the first two questions she said yes and to the last one she said no.

The computer was a laptop. It is running a Vista 32-bit system with 1 MB of RAM, which seems to be enough for the type of thing she was doing with this PC. The reason I asked her if she had virus protection and spyware protection is because if infected with any of these parasites, a computer can certainly become “aggravatingly slow.” The reason I asked her if she installed any new programs lately is that many times a new program will put a strain on the computer and thereby causing the computer to need more RAM to ease that strain.

Scans are Free – Cleanings are not

From working on computers, I see slow ones all the time. In the overwhelming majority of these cases; it is registry corruption that is causing the computer to run slowly. So, since my friend was protected from viruses and spyware and she wasn’t putting any undue strain on her computer hardware, it was logical to conclude that she needs to clean corruption out of her registry.

I told her about a website she should go to and get a free registry scan. It is true, with most registry cleaner programs; if you actually want to clean corruption out of your registry you must pay for a license to use its cleaning function. However, you can get a scan without charge and that way you can find out if it is registry corruption behind your computers misdeeds.

800 is enough

In any event, the free scan told her she had more than 800 incidents of registry corruption in her operating system. In most cases, it only takes a few incidents of registry corruption to slow a computer down. Incredibly, I have seen computers with more than 800 incidents of corruption not be affected yet. However, I’ve seen computers with just a few incidents of corruption be just about un-bootable until this corruption was removed.

So, I told her that it was more than likely a good investment to buy the license to clean the registry. She did. She told me the results were amazing! She said her computer was so fast that she honestly even thought it wasn’t as fast when it was brand-new. However, the next time I saw her was just about a week and a half later.

At that time, she told me her computer was once again “aggravatingly slow.” At this point, I told her something I should have told her before. This is, when the registry becomes very corrupt it often needs to have the registry cleaned twice within a very short period of time. In other words, the registry should be cleaned, and then after using the computer for a few hours it should be cleaned again. There are technical reasons for this. However, they are very technical reasons and they are very boring technical reasons.

The end of the story is after the second cleaning her computer became very fast once again. So, even though it is strange a registry would need a double cleaning to get all the corruption out of it, it is a strange but true fact. Now, after this double cleaning has taken place she only has to worry about cleaning the registry every two or three weeks or when her computer seems to be acting up.

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