June 21, 2024


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How to Fix the Svchost.exe Error – Solution

Svchost.exe is a very important file which is essential for the health and well-being of your computer. This file is responsible for managing a number of different important services which include login, installer, networking and internet.

If this file has any problems with it then this will cause an svchost.exe error. This can also cause errors in lots of other internet based applications including iexplore, msimn.exe and msiexec.exe. You might also experience a number of different application errors.

If you suffer from the svchost.exe error then you will want to know how you can correct the problem as quickly as possible.

Fix the Svchost.exe error

Fixing the svchost.exe error will depend on the exact cause of it. There are lots of different causes of this problem and if it is because of an application error then this could be due to a windows update which hasn’t worked properly.

Turning off automatic updates in the control panel might be enough to cure the problem; you will have to restart before you notice any improvement.


Another potential reason for the svchost.exe error is due to viruses. There are lots of viruses which are known to cause these problems including SirCam, PrettyPack and Swen. These cause the error by fiddling with the registry.

If the problem is caused by a virus infestation then you will need to use a virus scanner to get rid of the problem. It’s important to scan your computer on a regular basis for viruses.