How to Write Articles on Business Marketing For the General Public

If you go onto the Internet, you will find plenty of articles telling both large and small companies how to market their products and services. However, you won’t find many articles on business marketing that are geared towards the general public. That is to say; articles which explain what marketing is, and how consumers are being marketed too. This is very important information because many consumers and customers are paying too much, or don’t understand exactly what they are purchasing.

All too often, advertising, branding, PR, promotion, and marketing get in the way of their five senses. Thus, they end up buying on impulse or going to buy a product only to learn later that it is not exactly what they needed, what they thought it was, or even what the company claims it might be. It is probably for this reason that we need more article authors writing business marketing articles that are geared for the general public, rather than to help businesses do better at selling us stuff.

Over the last three years I’ve written about 150 articles on this topic of business marketing and a good chunk of those articles have been geared towards the business community, not the public, although I have written a large number of consumer oriented articles, articles I stand by. Articles which I often get comments in the form of e-mail questions from my readers about.

Indeed, it is simply amazing some of the stories I hear from consumers out there. Some are quite upset, others are just disappointed, but most of them don’t seem to understand business marketing or what’s really going on when it comes to their psychological purchasing behavior, or how it is manipulated by branding and marketing experts.

Now mind you, I’m not anti-business, not even a little bit, but I do see the need for more consumer articles on business marketing and I hope you will consider this and perhaps put forth a few articles of your own now and again. Please think on this.

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