May 26, 2024


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How you should choose an explainer video company

How to Choose an Animated Explainer Video Company [Infographic]

Explainer videos are growing highly popular among modern businesses.

The old or traditional marketing techniques such as Television ads, newspaper ads, pamphlets and stickers have grown old, and replaced with the digital sources of marketing such as social media and google ads. 

The modern digital marketing sources of marketing such as social media and google ads make good utilisation of images and specially explainer videos. You can always make a video for your business by connecting to a good explainer video production company.

Explainer videos are highly useful marketing tools, these videos are informative and of a short duration. Providing its worth to business these videos are a good compliment to business, as a convenient source of marketing.

Explainer videos help the viewer to understand the business process or product easily, the nature of explainer video is simple, to communicate a certain message to the viewer and make him knowledgeable.

There are different types of explainer videos such as white board explainer video, animated explainer video, 2d & 3d explainer videos, live action explainer video and motion graphic explainer videos.

Today lets discuss something about a special category of explainer videos popularly known as Animated explainer videos and how can you choose the best explainer video company.

Animated explainer video production:

Animated explainer video production is usually done by an explainer video company, these videos are a bit tricky to make so it’s a challenge to a private video editor, so its best suggested to connect to a explainer video company for your animated explainer video production activities.

Features Of Animated Explainer video: Animated explainer videos are a good source of marketing your business. 

These videos are full of interactive animations, containing 2d and 3d features with motion graphics, animated explainer videos are highly interactive videos for a viewer.

Animated explainer video duration can be from1 minute and maximum exceed up to 4 minutes. These explainer videos act best if your business goal is to explain about the product you offer to your consumers.

These videos are highly rich in graphics and motions so you can use motion graphics with gives your product more depth in explanation.

Animated explainer video when accompanied with sound, music and voice over, they become more interactive and user friendly. You can add sounds and music that captivate the attention of the viewer. Voice over can be used to explain the product verbally, to the viewer.

Video Script:

The video script is the most important aspect of a video. Your animated explainer video script should be well planned. 

Video script is written by professional script writers, you can always connect to a explainer video company for attaining professional video scrip.

Animated Explainer Video Pricing:

Animated explainer videos are one of the best explainer videos you can use for your business, these videos are highly interactive and user friendly acting as a perfect business asset to your marketing activities.

A 2 minuet animated explainer video can cost you anything between 300$ to 500 $, if you go with a local video editor prices can further reduce. For production of animated explainer video its best suggested to connect to an explainer video company.A animated explainer video pricing can extent according to the business requirements.

Explainer Video Production: 

There are many explainer video production companies in the UK, but Explainer Mojo is the best explainer video production company in the UK and US.

Explainer Mojo have worked with a lot of clients, helping them create explainer videos of their desired quality and quantity.

So if you’re looking forward for an animated explainer video for your business, and best animated explainer video pricing then connect to Explainer Mojo today.