May 26, 2024


Simply Consistent

‘It was surreal’ – New York Yankees fan’s old tweet helps launch Derek Jeter’s social media presence

When Jeffrey Guity’s cousin texted him that New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter quote tweeted him to announce his arrival on social media, he thought it was a prank.

Nearly eight years ago, Guity tweeted his belief that Jeter needed to get on social media, but didn’t think twice about anything ever coming of it.

“Derek Jeter has no excuse not have a Twitter account by now,” Guity tweeted in December 2014.

After Jeter retired in 2014, Guity — a 31-year-old Yankees fan who lives in Connecticut and works in an Amazon warehouse — felt Jeter would be a positive presence on social media.

“I figured he would take the Kobe [Bryant] route,” Guity said. “Kobe started becoming really active with social media the last few years of his career and definitely after he retired. So I figured that Jeter’s playing career is behind him, maybe he has time to interact with fans away from the diamond.”

When Jeter opened his social media accounts on Tuesday, he used Guity’s tweet from 2014 to poke fun at himself.

Guity found out about the tweet 24 hours later as his family and friends began reaching out.

“It was surreal,” Guity said. “What I’m more curious about is how did he find it? I’m just a random Yankees fan from Connecticut. Did he search Twitter for questions about himself? And why has he waited so long? I had so many questions.”

Guity has not publicly responded on Twitter to Jeter due to his aversion to publicity and the spotlight, but he says not much has changed about his life in the days following Jeter quote-tweeting him.

“I spent most of the time reading the hilarious reactions to Jeter’s tweet and articles about his first day on social media,” Guity said. “I’m glad I earned some internet points.”