June 20, 2024


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Mobile Application Development Trends For Years To Come

Global revenues for mobile applications are anticipated to increase by a staggering 962.5% by 2017. With the increase of use of mobile applications on smartphones it will soon be converted into a $100 billion USD by the end of 2020. Rapid development in technology is responsible for evolution of mobile applications into a global phenomenon. Here are some of the latest trends that the largest fraternity of mobile phone users can look forward to.

  • GPS-based Apps: Augmented reality or AR in games is the latest trend. The demand for location-tracking functionality of smartphones has increased thus making such apps popular among users. AR has become extremely beneficial to those who are creating 3D games nowadays.
  • Progressive Hybrid Technologies: Progressive hybrid technologies will become powerful and will develop rapidly with the use of tools like Angular JS, Ionic, Cordova and PhoneGap. These will be used for agile hybrid app development projects. BYOD or bring your own device is a recent phenomenon which contributes a lot towards the development and acceptance of hybrid. According to prediction, mobile enterprise apps will have a high demand and there will be a challenge for the developers to accept it.
  • Focus on Mobile App Designing: The success of a mobile application depends on how user-friendly the interface is. Graphic artists, illustrators and animators are being hired by every company to draw public attention towards the design of the app. Visuals, micro interactions, parallax, grid-based interface designing and split-screens are going to be some of the path breaking trends to look forward to.
  • Big Data Turning Big: Big applications are turning out to be really big in terms of significance by combining user-friendliness in interfaces, reliability and also improved functionality. We will not have to wait for long to witness cutting-edge mobile app development that combine IoT, big data processing features and also cloud connectivity.
  • Enterprise App Taking Lead: Communication has been made easier by these apps as they are capable of maintaining steady connection with existing and potential clients. With the customization facility, daily business management activities have also been rendered easy. CRM mobile app is a great example to pull up customer info promptly which makes operation easy for senior management.
  • Internet of Things: IoT has really risen in a bigger way than everybody expected. It has also grown in revenue generation and profit making and is expected to take long strides in terms of integration and profit making by 2017. This seemed almost a decade ago but now it has become a reality. IoT has been implemented to a wide range of industries from health care to transportation to security.
  • Security is Taken Seriously: Security threats have increased manifold with the use of Internet in everything visible. Security measures like 2 step user authentication which is used particularly for mobile banking app has become commonplace. This is the reason why developers are being asked to have a powerful security measure in place. iOS have always had great security but Android suffers on this aspect. Nevertheless, Google is trying to use automatic security updates as well as granular app permission.
  • Instant Apps are the Future: Instant apps do exactly what they think- they make the apps run instantly. These apps do not require downloading or installing on a particular device. This enables users to access a wide range of apps seamlessly. For instance, when a user is being sent a single link from a friend, he/she can open it with single tap. This aids the users in utilizing particular feature from the app without installing it on the device. This year more such apps which will run based on the users’ demand will be released providing users a more personal experience. However, these are only Android friendly.

These are some of the mobile application development trends for the year 2017 which the users and also the developers are looking forward to. These trends are important ones and according to prediction will take shape in the years to come. However, companies are trying to adapt themselves to the changing demands of consumer behavior. Attention span of users has shortened dramatically thus leading to development of new apps which are helping more people to achieve a life of prosperity.