May 23, 2024


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New drilling fluid technology advances exploration

Researchers at Western Australia’s Curtin College have formulated new technological innovation for the swift cleaning and re-use of drilling fluids, paving the way toward more efficient and environmentally-helpful mineral exploration.

Intended to support following-generation drilling technological know-how, the reformulated fluids are hydrocarbon-absolutely free, cutting down the chance of environmental harm to exploration websites.

Supported by the Minerals Study Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA) and the Deep Exploration Know-how CRC, Dr Masood Mostofi and his study workforce at the WA Faculty of Mines: Minerals, Power and Chemical Engineering at Curtin College designed the new technological know-how as aspect of their ongoing analysis towards automating fluid checking and managing in the drilling market.

Drillers exploring deep beneath the area for mineral deposits want specialised fluids to lubricate and great the lively drill head, and that will not leak absent by means of cracks and porous rocks around the drill web-site.

“New coiled tubing drilling know-how staying designed for mineral exploration requires a great deal larger volumes of these distinctive fluids than traditional drilling,” Mostofi reported.

“We have made a method that can fulfill these fluid desires in remote spots the place geologists could possibly investigate for new mineral deposits, and reduces the risk of releasing fluids that could possibly have an affect on the nearby environment.

“Our reformulated drilling fluid eliminates the use of hydrocarbons, and we have created a new system for both of those trying to keep boreholes secure and quickly separating rock chips and reliable materials from the fluid as it returns to the surface.

“Working along with husband or wife systems getting designed in the MinEx CRC, this strategy will assist provide continual samples of the rock content a drill is chopping through up to 1000m below the ground, although permitting the drilling fluid to be effectively cleaned and recycled.”