June 21, 2024


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Round LCDs Put To Work In Rack Mount Gauge Cluster

Like several of you, we’re intrigued by the alternatives supplied by the availability of very affordable spherical Lcd panels. But beyond the smartwatches they were being intended for, it is not always straightforward to occur up with an proper application for these types of non-traditional shows. Electronic “steam gauges” are one of the initial tips that appear to head, so it’s possibly no surprise which is the course [Tom Dowad] took his job. But alternatively than just a single or two gauges, he made a decision to go all out and place 8 of them in a 1U rack mountable unit.

What do you want 8 faux-analog gauges for? Beats us, but that’s not our division. Now [Tom] has a complete row of indicators that can be utilised to present whatsoever it is he likes to hold an eye on. The point that the device is really managed by using MIDI may perhaps present us a clue that there’s a musical ingredient at participate in (no pun intended), but then, it wouldn’t be the to start with time we’d found MIDI employed simply as a easy and properly supported way of synchronizing gizmos.

Further than the 8 240 x 240 pixel panels, the unit characteristics a Teensy 4., some degree shifters, and a 74HC138 which is made use of to pick out which exhibit the microcontroller is to talk with. On the software package side he’s employing the Arduino surroundings with some PNG decompression routines lifted from [Larry Bank] and graphics code from [moononournation]. The background picture of the gauge is evidently a certified stock picture, which may appear a little bit extravagant, but we cannot deny the last outcome looks really practical.

Just past 12 months we protected a primer on operating with spherical LCDs, and we’ve now noticed some enterprising hackers working with them in customized smartwatches. Whether you’re struggling from aichmophobia, or just unwell of becoming restricted to the very same tedious displays in your gizmos, it’s enjoyable to see the group embracing this new know-how.