‘Nox Archaist’ Is the Newest RPG for the Apple II

Nox Big

Nox Archaist screenshots courtesy of 6502 Workshop

The far more video gaming chases the up coming stage of its ostensible progress, the additional we seem to pine for the earlier. Nothing at all makes this extra evident than the escalating recognition of retro gaming, where developers younger and old are revisiting and reimagining a legacy that never ever truly dies, but is in its place increasingly reborn and rebuilt.

An extreme case in point of this era-spanning craze is 6502 Workshop’s Nox Archaist, which reaches again forty a long time to the heyday of the groundbreaking Apple II. Leaping into the sport final week, I was impressed with how faithfully it reproduces an early 80s video activity experience in the two presentation and interface, from blocky pixels to blurred CRT-model fonts. It was only following contacting 6502 Workshop that I discovered precisely why this was.

“While Nox Archaist is