June 20, 2024


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the kinds of smartphones that we often see around

In this era of digital technology, you may very often hear the word smartphone, which we also encounter very much around us.

Several types of smartphones can be distinguished based on their shape. The following are the types of smartphones based on their shape:

1. Mobile

Smartphones in the form of cellphones are the most widely used because they are smaller and more compact, and this is very familiar to us seeing on the outside and besides that cellphones are also among the gadgets that we often encounter and use daily.

Generally, smartphones in the form of mobile phones already have a touch screen. The keypad buttons on the smartphone are located on a screen that can be navigated through the touch screen.

2. iPhone

This is a smartphone in the form of a mobile phone issued by Apple. Broadly speaking, the features are the same as smartphone cellphones in general, and besides that, the iPhone has a lot of superior specifications and features on this smartphone and nowadays we also see very much around us, the iPhone 12 deals are one of the newest products from Apple and this. making this smartphone the best smartphone ever.

3. Tablets

Tablets are smartphones that are wider and look like books. The screen is wider than a cellphone and is often equipped with a mini keyboard if needed.

Usually, tablets are rarely used for telephones. This is because the size is quite large and requires earphones to be comfortable using it.

4. iPad

iPad is a term for a tablet issued by the Apple brand, and Apple is currently developing their products such as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, and many other series.

5. Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a smartwatch that connects to the internet and other devices, such as smartphones. The smartwatch is equipped with GPS, Email, Telephone, SMS, and weather prediction features.

6. iWatch

iWatch is a smartwatch product issued by the Apple brand. This product can only connect with iPhone products.