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The Numerology of Old Blood and Guts – General George Patton

The Numerology of Old Blood and Guts – General George Patton

George Patton was the most brilliant commander of an army in the open field that our or any other service produced. ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in World War II and the 34th President of the United States.

“Old Blood and Guts” was the moniker by which he was known. George Smith Patton, Jr. was the name by which he was born. A fiery, flamboyant, charismatic, courageous, dynamic, eccentric warrior whose name is legend, Patton, born on 11 November 1885, lived a destiny built for war.

  • What master number gave Patton his command ability and generalship destiny?
  • What number pattern revealed his “team” mentality?
  • What missing number almost cost Patton his career?
  • Patton’s flamboyance and eccentricity are divulged in which numbers?

44-8: The Generalship Master Number

No number is more powerful for manifesting command and executive ability than the master number 44-8. This is the Lifepath and life script of George Patton. This was the first clue that his life would be centered in the lessons and experiences of orchestration and administration (8) centered in organization and regimentation (4). Other famous extraordinary individuals with the 44-8 in their charts are: Thomas Jefferson (3rd President of the United States), Jefferson Davis (President of Confederate States during the American Civil War), Ulysses S. Grant (18th President of the United States and Commanding General of the United States Army from 1864 to 1865), General Douglas MacArthur, Tony Blair (Prime Minister of Great Britain), Mother Teresa (Nobel Peace Laureate, 1979); Helen Keller and Pearl S. Buck (Nobel Laureate, Literature, 1938) among others. Obviously, this is an esteemed group of historic icons illustrating the power of the 44-8 master generalship energy.

11-2/8: Team and War Management

While most numerology charts are comprised of three to four numeric Challenges in the Life Matrix, the only numeric Challenge in Patton’s Life Matrix (the superstructure of his 44-8 Lifepath) is the 11-2/8. This signifies the intensity of others, relationship, contention, confliction, opposition, combativeness, war and peace (11-2) playing itself out in the arena of execution, connection, interaction, involvement, orchestration, management (8). Combined with his 44-8 Lifepath, this 11-2/8 Influence/Realty (IR) set was a powerful addition to the Patton generalship legacy. As Old Blood and Guts exclaimed, An army is a team. It lives, sleeps, eats and fights as a team. “Team” is a function of the 2 of “others” in “relationship.” The number 8 depicts the management of the relationship.

The 3 Void

In the birth name George Smith Patton, Jr. there is no C, L or U-the letters associated with the number 3, the energy of vanity, image, communication, art, health and words. Patton was well known for his fiery but often blue-flamed speech, an asset as well as a liability. Patton could inspire ordinary men to do extraordinary things with his words and image. Yet, the lack of thought and wisdom in using abusive language, coupled with a lack of constraint, created enormous trouble for him in a famous incident involving Private Charles H. Kuhl. Patton thought Kuhl was feigning illness to avoid combat and perceived this behavior as cowardly. Patton slapped, cursed and kicked Kuhl in the backside, creating an international incident drawing ire and fire from many Americans and forcing Patton to apologize to Kuhl publicly.

Although voids are problematic, a 3 void by itself won’t create this kind of extreme negative behavior. There has to be more. In Patton’s case, his 2nd Pinnacle and 4th (Crown) Pinnacle were both a 33-6/3. The 33 is a master number of extreme communicative power. With the 3 being voided, it can be written as 3v3v-6/3v, giving rise to problems related to words, speech and communication. No doubt this 33-6/3 (or more precisely, 3v3v-6/3v) was a two-edged sword for Patton and served as the basis for both his extraordinary inspirational speeches as well as his abusive language faux pas.

Flamboyance and Eccentricity

Patton had a reputation for being both eccentric and flamboyant. He loved donning ivory-handled nickel-plated revolvers and over-sized stars encased in a larger-than-life swashbuckling superstar persona that shouted confidence and victory. If the military had a rock star, Patton was it.

Several number combinations are worthy of note in this aspect of the Patton mystique. His Soul (desire energies) and life performance PE were both 5s. The number 5 is the energy of flamboyance. Yet, there had to be something else to create such a dominate personality. That is the number 1, the energy of the ego. Not only was Patton’s Nature (basic personality) a 1, but his 3rd Pinnacle (the center and core of his Life Matrix) is a 55-1-the most unique, original and independent of all the master numbers. This 1 energy combined with Patton’s 6 Expression (from his full birth name), to generate a 7 PE or outcome (1 + 6 = 7), thus giving Patton a sense of eccentricity. This characteristic of egocentric eccentricity can be noted as 55-1/7. Add all this to the powerful image-creating master Influence Reality set of 33-6/3 and the result was Patton.


General George Smith Patton, Jr. was one of America’s greatest and most well-known military generals, a living legend in his own time and arguably the most memorable American hero of World War II. His 44-8 Lifepath and 11-2/8 IR sets in his Challenges reflected his war management skills and martial destiny. The 33-6/3 Crown Pinnacle and 2nd Pinnacle played a major role in his language usage and image. The 55-1/7 Grand Pinnacle was a prominent factor in his flamboyance and eccentricity. Together, these numeric puzzle pieces created the fabric that helped mold the Patton Mystique, making him one of history’s most intriguing personalities. ~finis