April 15, 2024


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Top challenges of supply chain every business should know

Supply Chain Management Challenges All Businesses Need to Understand

The supply chain is not just about gathering the raw materials, manufacturing the goods, and then supplying the same to the end customers. It has several other phases and sub-phases, which manage the entire process, from collecting raw materials to waste disposal. Since it is such a long process and encompasses so many phases, it’s common that businesses will face challenges. But not knowing these challenges or the problems that can arise in the future can put a startup supply chain business at stake.

Studies have shown that many startup businesses couldn’t even complete their turnover programs or meet the profit margins as they faced hurdles from the beginning. Keeping this in mind, we have discussed some major challenges that supply chain businesses should know.

Maintaining delivery channels and logistics

Every business’s first challenge is maintaining the delivery channels and logistics in the supply chain. For instance, when deliveries need to be made in different parts of the country at the same time, businesses need to collaborate with multiple delivery companies. 

There are delays, poor delivery quality, and so on. If these channels are not optimized, it can create disappointments amongst the customers. This is where the use of supply chain visibility software comes into play. The software can help businesses understand how the delivery channels perform and the current problems. Accordingly, they can optimize the routes and ensure the logistics operations are carried on perfectly.

Scarcity of materials

There is no doubt that due to scarcity of materials, several supply chain businesses have to struggle from the very beginning. They often have to import materials from other countries, which automatically increases the costs. Plus, due to inflation, material cost has skyrocketed.

Increasing demand for materials also plays a crucial role in reducing the supply in the market. This is why businesses cannot meet customer orders and deliver them on time. The best way to overcome this challenge is to collaborate with multiple suppliers for the same material so that one can compensate for another during scarcity.

Collaboration with improper supply chain partners

Although collaboration with various supply chain partners is imperative for every business, doing so without any strategy or in-depth information can prove harmful. For instance, there can be delays in delivering the materials, issues with the quality, and so on. 

This is why using the supply chain visibility software is more feasible because it can help identify the best supply chain partners and allow the business to monitor and regulate the quality of the materials.

Meeting dynamic customer behaviors and expectations

Customer behaviors and expectations are dynamic, and the frequency with which they change is impossible to comprehend. This is why businesses should incorporate supply chain software with which they can analyze what their customers expect and optimize the operations accordingly. This will help them to ensure their customers that their demands will be met without compromising the quality.


There will be risks in the supply chain systems. These are almost invincible, so finding the workaround is crucial. You can easily overcome the hurdles and maximize business revenues and gains from using a supply chain software to maintaining maximum visibility with suppliers and sellers.