November 29, 2023


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Fix For Path/File Access Error

Path/File Access Error may appear during the installation of a computer software. When the setup program tries to create its disk image during the custom installation, this error may occur.

Reasons behind this error:

1. You don’t have enough administrative permissions for accessing the folder/ file
2. Setup registry entries are corrupted
3. The selected drive has no enough disk space
4. Memory Issues
5. Compressed files are corrupted
6. Bad sectors on your hard disk

You don’t have Enough Administrative Permissions for Accessing the Folder/ File

Path/ File Access Error may occur when you do not have enough security permissions. For completing the installation properly, various permissions are required.

1. Right click the folder or file not having enough security permissions.
2. Select Properties.
3. Click Security tab.
4. Click Edit button.
5. From the Allow column, mark the following checkboxes as enabled:
a. Modify
b. Read & Execute
c. Read
d. Write
6. Click OK | OK.

Setup Registry Entries are Corrupted

Path/ File Access Error may occur if the registry entries of the setup program are corrupted. Obsolete, outdated or incorrect information in the registry key of your setup program may raise this error.

You have to use a Registry Cleaner software to resolve this error. From the installed Registry Cleaner software, click Registry Cleaner | Start Scan | Fix Now.

The Selected Drive has No Enough Disk Space

The drive you selected to install a program may not have required free disk space. The setup tries to create its disk image for which some amount of free disk space is required. You have to clean the unnecessary files on that drive to fix Path/ File Access Error.

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp.
2. Select the installation drive. For example, drive C.
3. Click OK button.
4. Follow the on screen instructions.

Memory Issues

Problem with the Random Access Memory may raise Path/ File Access Error. You shall run the Memory Diagnostics test to solve the problem, if any.

1. Click Start button on the Taskbar.
2. Type Windows Memory Diagnostics.
3. Press ENTER.
4. Select the option Restart now and check for problems.

Compressed Files are Corrupted

The folder you have selected to install a program may contain some files that are corrupted. You need to delete the corrupted files from that folder in order to fix Path/ File Access Error.

Bad Sectors on your Hard Disk

A hard disk with bad sectors may result in Path/ File Access Error. Using Check Disk utility, analyze the state of your hard disk and repair it if is corrupted.

1. Open My Computer.
2. Right click the drive you have chosen to install the software. For example, drive C.
3. Select Properties.
4. Click Tools | Check Now.
5. Click Start button to proceed next.

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