How to Let Your Senses Shine in Your Lifestyle

Our senses are very vital to our well being that when we gracefully channel them in harmony with our true natural desires, incredible results can be achieved as part of our daily growth.

By Senses, I mean the following:

Vision: Seeing things by the use of our eyes ( use of sight) or mental vision, as our mind directs.

Auditory: The use of our hearing senses.

Kinaesthetic: The use of our sense of feelings, either internally or externally by the sense of touch or physical feelings.

Olfactory: The sense of smell includes appreciation of aroma.

Gustatory: Sense of taste, how would you really appreciate that delicious soup if you couldn’t taste it.

You’ll find that through the combined use of these senses, we live our daily lives and generally base some of our values on the results we get through our senses. So for example, when we communicate with friends or family, the value we place on an experience would be based on our own evaluation of how our senses respond to it. Another person may respond in an entirely different way to the same experience.

Now, if you were to become more aware and develop your senses to such an extent that you feel and sense improved communication and more sensory awareness, do you think that could be useful to you? I think most definitely.

Living Vision

Ok, let’s illustrate this with some examples, for instance, for an Artist, it’s vital that the sense of vision is tuned up to work at hand. You’ll also find that Artists usually visualise their work over and over in their mind, fine tuning areas as necessary, well before they put their thought on canvas or paper.

I knew a lady who would take time out to the Country every time she had a new painting project, just to “work things out in her Mind” and visualise it clearly, before then putting the ideas on paper as a draft of her proposal. She would then discuss this further with her Employer before she starts on the project.

If your professional background is not such that you need to tune in and visualise like an artist, then you can still improve your visual senses in your life and direct this to work in your favour. In this instance you create your vision mentally of your desired lifestyle or whatever you wish, hold your vision in place with your will, and then drive the necessary action as your intuitive nature directs you, until you achieve it. After this, you move to create another lifestyle vision, and so you develop your visual senses for creating lifestyle choices.

Living Auditory

If you are a fan of music, tuning in to your auditory senses can really enhance your inner joy and lifestyle. A lovely tune of your favourite music can help you feel relaxed and calm, especially in a quiet surrounding, where you can appreciate the various mixes. I know someone who enjoys the sound of birds, and he says it makes him feel really at one with nature.

Now, if for example you do enjoy music, or have a favourite piece, try listening to this in a quiet surrounding, and you’ll soon notice your experience of resourcefulness. The experience is also increased when you combine this with the visual senses. So while you are listening to your music, you mentally picture your inner desires.

The results can be quite phenomenal, depending on your belief and your ability to hold your desires with your “Will of faith in yourself”.

Living Kinaesthetics

A sense of feeling is very important in various areas of life, and indeed professionals like sculptors utilise this sense as they plan and complete their work.

In fact, the energy generated by the sense of Touch can be very powerful.

For example, Love and Relationship can be improved by the subtle use of Kinaesthetic for communication. It helps to build closer relationship and mutual feelings for one another. Someone once told me that he could feel by simply stretching out and holding his Wife’s hands whether or not it’s the right time to discuss certain tricky issues.

So, he developed his senses in this area so that he can apply it resourcefully in their relationship. Another said that she could tell just by looking at a partner (vision intuition) or by the way they responded in conversations (auditory intuition) whether to raise or discuss certain issues.

Now, over the years, they have learned to master and tune in to their various senses to improve communication and lifestyle.

Living Olfactory

Perfume and aromatherapy product manufacturers would not be doing so well if we didn’t appreciate the sense of aroma.

You can tune in by careful evaluation to develop your sense of smell for whatever pleases your lifestyle. For example, you may want to have flowers at your bedside as you sleep, or perhaps some lovely aromatherapy for relaxation. You can also use pleasing mixture of flowers or oils of essence as a gesture to treat yourself occasionally or to treat a loved one.

Living Gustatory

Wine tasters will tell you how important this sense is in the development and production of fine wines. So, even before the lovely bottles hit the shelf in the Supermarkets, lots of people would have been involved at different stages, tasting and also evaluation the aroma of the wines.

Likewise, I know certain cultures around the world, where the “Taste of the food” would be used as an evaluation of how welcoming the host was. Another example is that of a lovely “Dinner for Two” and the sensory emotions that it generates. The rest is left to you very own imagination.

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