July 14, 2024


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Obtaining a China Visa – New Changes to the China Visa Application

Obtaining a China Visa – New Changes to the China Visa Application

Thanks to the Chinese Embassy, tourists and business people can go to China will less hassle, and they may even be able to go back more than once. Several changes have been made that relax the requirements needed to complete a China visa application. This opens a world of opportunity to those looking to enter into business in the country and to those simply looking to enjoy the countryside and culture.

Business Applications

Prior to the 2008 Olympic Games, everyone was left scrambling to collect all of the necessary paperwork needed for their China visa application and that included many of the world’s business people. Called an F Visa, anyone doing business in the country was required to have a Visa Notification Form and was next to impossible for some to obtain.

Numerous pieces of identification papers and proof of intent were needed. Airline tickets, itinerary, and proof of their hotel reservations were also required in order to obtain the necessary paperwork. New changes implemented by the Chinese Embassy have done away with these forms completely meaning they are no longer required in order to enter the country.

Tourists and Tourism Papers

Anyone traveling to the country for a visit or holiday had a series of identification papers and proof in order to fulfill the requirements of a China visa application. Anyone wishing to explore the country has to have an L visa before flying over. This means they have to gather up the required documentation together with their application and take it directly to the Chinese Embassy or one of five consulate offices.

This process has become easier as well. While identification and other items are still needed, tickets from the airline you will be flying with, proof of your hotel reservations, and a set itinerary are no longer needed. This means you will no longer have to book your entire trip and wait for the tickets and accommodation receipts to arrive before applying for entrance into the country.

Want To Go Back?

You may also be allowed to make two trips instead of just one with the same paperwork. Referred to as a double entry, this style of permit allows you to enter the country twice during a 180-day period. After the six months, entry into the country will require another application. The visit is limited to a total of 30 days. However, before the recent changes, this was not allowed.

There are things to take into account. The Consular Officer decides the amount of time you can stay, the number of times you can enter the country, and the validity of your forms. The country also prevents those who have an infectious disease or mental disorder from entering the country.

Many different resources are available to make this even easier including online forms and lists of requirements to help you get through the process. Now that new laws have made getting a China visa application easier than ever to acquire, many more people have access to the unique culture and country.