July 14, 2024


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Quality Products for Quality Lifestyle

Quality Products for Quality Lifestyle

Farm Fresh milk is the milk which is organic, natural, pure and delivered to you in the shortest time possible. Finding any trusted source online which delivers farm fresh milk to your doorstep everyday is very difficult. Thus, here we are to help all those women out there. Just turn into online shoppers and save your time with just one click.

Out of all the top quality farm fresh milk out there, Nutoras is one popular name. Nutoras Grade A+ milk is immediately chilled after getting the cows milked. It is immediately homogenised and pasteurised to ensure all bacteria present in the milk is killed and the fat doesn’t separate from the milk to form a layer on top. Untouched by human hands, it is then packed into pouches and delivered to your home as early as possible.

Farm fresh milk is full of nutrition and enriched with calcium which is extremely important for growing children and women. This milk should be boiled before consumption and consumed within 3 days.

Let’s take a look at the nutritional benefits of this dairy product

Fresh milk contains calcium and phosphorous to a great extent. When both the nutrients are consumed together, the absorption of calcium increases. It helps to improve the bone health and helps the skeletal integration. Phosphorous also helps in creating energy from the food you consume.

One cup of the dairy beverage helps to satisfy 30% of the daily requirement of both the nutrients.

This nutrient helps in repairing muscles, maintaining blood supply and creating antibodies.

Protein provides amino acids to your body. Although, some amino acids can be obtained from other meals and foodstuffs, there are approximately 12 out of 20 amino acids which only farm fresh milk can give you. Milk is a rich source of protein. 1 serving of this dairy beverage gives 8 grams of proteins.

The dairy beverage gives vitamin A, B and D group of vitamins. These groups maintain eye and skin health, helps to absorb calcium from your food consumption and also helps to enhance your metabolism. One serving of fresh milk gives you around 20% of vitamin A, 50% of D and 50% of B.

The major sugar which milk contains is lactose. This is a complex sugar and needs enough amount of lactase in your intestine to break down into simple sugars, namely glucose and galactose.

Generally, sugars are needed by the body for the healthy maintenance of kidney and brain health. These sugars provide carbohydrates to your body which is converted into energy and makes you go through the day. 1 cup of this dairy beverage provides 12 grams of sugar to the body. But if you are suffering from lactose intolerance, that is allergy of lactose, than this wouldn’t really be a benefit for you.

A word of caution! You should always buy from a trusted source. Pouches are adulteration prone and adulteration can lead to a lot of diseases.