July 14, 2024


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The Advantages of Targeted Website Traffic Vs General Traffic

The Advantages of Targeted Website Traffic Vs General Traffic

If you had a choice between a tremendous amount of general website traffic to your site or a considerably smaller amount of targeted traffic, which would you pick? If your objective is to promote more products, develop a customer base or establish a loyal and consistent clientele, you definitely need to set your sights on going after targeted website traffic.

If you have a website that sells a specific product, let’s say tennis equipment, you want people who are interested in tennis to find your website, view your products and do business with you. General traffic isn’t a negative thing, but it has the least probability of converting visitors into profits and leads.

About fifty percent of all web surfers visit trusted sites to get items they want. These websites have established their brands in the industry through years of delivering good products or services and building their identity. These websites don’t just rely on website marketing to get visitors, but also profit from recommendations from satisfied customers that share their experiences with consumers within their sphere of influence. The remaining half rely on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing to find what they’re looking for. That is why targeted traffic is very important. Whenever consumers discover websites with the information they’re looking for, chances are they might not utilize the search engine again, but bookmark those sites for future reference.

A lot of general website traffic results in a high bounce rate, which measures the percentage of site visitors who leave a website soon after ending up on the first page instead of exploring more pages on the domain. Bounce rates of more than 50 % are very undesirable, since that means that the website visitor retention rate is very low.

Targeted traffic will help you strengthen the authority in your market and your page rank. When consumers see your site as trusted and legitimate, they will visit your website more frequently. This is where the potential for conversion starts- by establishing trust and confidence in the website visitors so they will feel more confident doing business on your website. If you monetize your website, then you have greater odds of earning profits with that website through targeted traffic.

Because the site visitors have a particular interest in what your website has to offer, targeted traffic will bring a higher conversion rate to your website. It really is worth the time and effort to pursue quality over quantity for the best results.