February 25, 2024


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The Best eSIMs for Egypt Travel

Egypt SIM Cards: Everything You Need To Know | 2023 - A Broken Backpack

Egypt is famous for the Suez Canal, the Nile River, the ancient Pyramids, and other tourist locations. However, when you plan to travel to Egypt, it is essential to be extremely careful with international roaming as it can be very expensive. But, with the best eSIMs for Egypt travel, you can save on such expenditures. With an eSIM, you don’t need to go through the complex physical SIM registration process that can be time-consuming. Read on to learn more about eSIM. 

How Do eSIMs for Egypt Travel Work?

  • Before buying an eSIM for Egypt, you must ensure your mobile phone is compatible with eSIM. Not every smartphone supports eSIM. 
  • If your phone supports eSIMs, you should choose a data plan based on your budget and daily data usage requirement. 
  • Once you pick a data plan and make the payment, you will get a QR code via email. You can activate your new Egypt eSIM data plan by scanning the QR code. Just turn on the data roaming options in your mobile settings. That’s it! You are now all set to browse the web. 

What Should You Know Before Getting an eSIM?

  • No Local Mobile Number

eSIMs allow you to make data calls using WhatsApp or Skype. However, if you want to use it for normal calls and SMS, you need to buy other plans. The cost of these plans will vary from one operator to another. 

  • Get a Compatible Phone

If you like to travel a lot and want to use eSIMs while travelling, then it is highly advisable that you buy an eSIM-compatible device. You can consider Google Pixel 3, 5, Apple 11, 12, 13, Samsung Galaxy S20, Fold, Galaxy Z Fold 2, etc. 

  • Install It Before You Take Off

Before your travel, ensure that you choose a data plan and make the payment. However, it is best to scan the QR code, and activate it once you reach your destination. You can carry a copy of the printed QR code with you for activation. 

  • You Can Share Your Data

With the best eSIM, you can share your data with your family or friends. Use your phone to create a Wi-Fi network that allows multiple device connectivity.

How to Buy the Best eSIMs for Egypt Travel?

You can buy an Egypt eSIM card at a few airports, convenience stores, or mobile phone retailers. However, buying your eSIM from online eSIM stores is the easiest option. While buying online, you can easily check the available options, compare various service providers and choose the best one under your budget. 


Getting an eSIM for Egypt travel is quite easy and is an affordable option to stay connected with your family and friends while you explore the country. If you are looking for some best eSIM data pack options, you can choose GlobalSIM, 3, AIS, eSIMGo, Ubigi, etc. The best eSIM plans start from $18, and activation takes only a few seconds. So, buy an eSIM online now to enjoy your journey without worrying about connectivity.