May 23, 2024


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They say link building services are bad as per the latest Google updates!

Stop Listening to Google's Advice on Link Building

We all know how things evolve. The trends of the past are the failures of today. We humans love to see change happening every now and then. This helps us explore the many possibilities. We desire and we create; we analyze and then we adapt. This internet world works the same way too. These search engine giants walk on these same paths too. They keep on observing the internet activities and then try to make them better. This is why Google is infamous for ceaseless algorithmic updates now and then. Link-Building, which once was the shepherd’s delight, is now coming under question. People are wondering if it would still be there once A.I. steps inside the servers. Digital White Labels, Link Building Services USA, clears the haze around for your clarity.

What are the fundamentals of link building?

When you really think of it, you find that link building is actually websites being social to each other. It happens all through our social circles. We call it networking. And networking has its roots in our tree of evolution. We are social animals and we love to know about people. What purpose does it serve?

There was a science experiment done on why we cheat and why we cooperate. This experiment was called the Prisoner’s Dilemma. In this, a scenario was proposed. There are two prisoners sitting in two different investigation rooms. Each one has a chance to either cheat or cooperate. Both prisoners get 2 years of jail if both cheat; If one reveals about the other prisoner and the other prisoner doesn’t, the one cheating gets free and the other prisoner gets a three-year jail. If both cooperate with each other and do not reveal, they both get 1-year jail.

And then this experiment was simulated on the computer by a scientist. What he found out was revealing. He found out that cooperation was always beneficial in the long term. This cooperation is what makes us social. And this tendency of being social is what has driven every tale of war, of peace, of love, of suffering, desires, and everything we could think of. So as per Digital White Labels, Link Building Services (USA) are serving these fundamentals we are meant to walk with.

Benefits of networking, or link-building, in the real world.

Networking, or link-building, in real life, serves us many purposes.

  • It helps us know about the other person, community, or place.
  • It helps us know the news about possible dangers around.
  • Networking helps spread news with some pace.
  • link-building in the social world helps one grow and bring harmony.
  • It also helps us rectify the news from many sources.
  • Authority gets driven through this.
  • This universe runs in a hierarchy, or tree structure, and link-building works on the same.

How is link-building in SEO similar?

Back in the early 2000s, Google was working on ways to decide which website to rank first. It got the idea that more links mean that the website is famous and knows something. Thereafter, link-building was considered the wand to conjure any SEO dream. But there was a flaw. We all know how humans have a habit of finding shortcuts. The same thing happened with Google. People started to create ghost websites and linking their main websites to all those. This fooled Google into believing that the website is high-quality and should be recommended in SERP. But the story had some hidden side too.

This pushed Google to look for ways of tackling it. Because people were searching for something and getting something else. The internet world was becoming stale and chaotic. Imagine searching “why Digital White Labels is one of the best link building company” and reaching a fake website! It was brutal. But then happened the Penguin update in 2012. As soon as it got released, people went into mayhem. Websites were losing their rankings overnight. But these websites were spam. Total Spam.

Now, in 2021, link-building has evolved to be miles and miles better than it once was. Google now considers many tens and hundreds of factors while considering links. Such as,

  • Are the links coming from spam servers?
  • Are the links having the same ip addresses?
  • How authoritative is a website?
  • How many high-quality websites from the same niche are linking to it?
  • What are the DA and PA scores of the backlinks?
  • How old is the domain?
  • Which country are those links coming from?

And other miscellaneous factors.

How bad are link building services?

These above factors together decide if the links are serving any value to the user at last. The main focus of Google now is to provide a quality user experience. And this is where, says Digital White Labels, Link Building Services (USA) come helpful. It is not easy for an individual to gather quality links. In haste to rise up and get links, people often opt for foul link-building tactics. This is bad for the search experience. This is why Google always penalizes those using blackhat link-building techniques. The worst consequence comes in the form of a permanent ban.

Link-Building is no easy task. It is considered the toughest in all the things that help a website rise to the top of SERP. If your goal is to build a brand and stay in the market for long, opt for a link-building agency. Digital White Labels is one of the best link building company in the market right now. It has years of expertise and it serves it all in nourishing a website towards its growth. It is a wild world and the canopy alone takes every bit of cream from the sun. Consider link-building agencies as the gurus who hold the wisdom of how things work in the wild.

Are link building services going to stay for long?

A.I. does not mean the link-building will fade away. A.I. will improve link-building further. Networking is the very tendency of being human. It guides us to exploration and growth. As far as there is this question about link building dying away, we say it won’t happen. The guidelines might change, the way might change, but linking will always remain there. This is why all the Fortune 500 and other big companies are trying to create their digital links and have a genuine online presence.

We will suggest you have an agency rather than doing it by yourself, unless you are tight on budget. Hiring an agency leaves our creative mind free to focus upon things that matter and require our creativity. Digital White Labels is one of the best link building company. You might want to look at their many affordable plans.