Color Symbolism of Magenta – The Color of New Age

Colors play a significant role in our life. Every color has an expressive element that reflects our emotional flows, such as passion, celebration, and sorrow, called ‘Color Symbolism.’ We are discussing here the ‘Color Symbolism of Magenta.’

Beginning with its history, the story of magenta’s origin is effortless. The term magenta was coined from a plant that provides a dye called fushina, discovered after the Battle of Magenta in Italy. There are several shades of magenta, all referred to commonly as magenta. Magenta is an extra-spectral color, which means it cannot be created by one wavelength of light. It is made up of red and blue wavelengths, called as red-purple in the Munsell Color System. Owing to its distinct base of two aggressive colors, magenta emerges significantly differently on canvass, in print, and on computer screen. Magenta has a full spread of ‘Color Symbolism’ in varied fields.

In the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Key (Black)) Color Model, followed in printing, Magenta is one of the main four colors of ink. In ‘Digital Art,’ or while printing, the bright side of the color, seen on the ‘computer screen’ is called as ‘electric’ magenta, also considered as fuchsia. The ‘printed’ version of the same ‘electric magenta’ is known as ‘process’ magenta. Magenta symbolizes ‘anti-racism’ by the Anti-Racism Magenta Foundation in Amsterdam. In Spain, Magenta is the official color of the ‘political’ party called UPYD (Union, Progress, and Democracy). In ‘parapsychology,’ a person with magenta aura is normally described as creative and artistic. Therefore, such people usually work well as artist, actor, art dealer, costume designer, author, or set designer. Magenta extends its magnetic contribution towards business too. It is the trademark color of Deutsche Telekom AG, parent company of T-Mobile.

At the expressive level, used in artistry, where magenta is less aggressive and more spiritual than red, it is more realistic than purple. It is volatile, optimistic, and affectionate, creating a feeling of satisfaction & self-respect, while being imaginative, outrageous, and innovative as well, all along. Magenta is the color of ‘new age,’ which heals at all emotional levels. With a streak of ‘Futurism,’ it promises future. A strong, deep, complex, and very impressive color, magenta is linked with inspirational thinkers, particularly those who think ahead of time.

In addition, the ‘Color Symbolism of Magenta’ stretches to divinity, love, learning, & nurturing. It can assist people with earthly skills, in fusing with powerful spirituality, and in releasing the past agony & moving forward. The color cleanses a being emotionally and infuses the feeling of self-respect, protection, and self-awareness in self. This color balances emotions by being simultaneously cheering and soothing, thereby controlling over emotional and under emotional conditions. Definitely, despite the complexity of its tones and shading, magenta is a brilliant, versatile color, creating all the magic possible through artistry or otherwise.

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